About Our Company

Our Founder is a visionary redefining global exposure of traditional Nepalese Art and Handicrafts. His vision of seamless access to wide ranging Nepalese Goods across borders is what drives this institution to excel its services with International standards.

Mr Singh has been one of the prime investors in this sector for nearly a decade and in 2018 he officially established this coveted company to leverage his legacy and contribute on a global scale to preserve and promote Nepal’s long lived Art History and Culture.

Started the Company

Almost five years ago our company got legally registered and became an authorized dealer of Nepalese Goods in the country. We opened physical stores in the capital city and began our wholesale and retail journeys.

Dragon Investment Global Exposure

We hosted many exhibitions and seminars to aware people of our business and the significance of preserving Nepalese Art in the contemporary market structure. We collaborated with local artists all around the country and created an everlasting community for future generations.


London Corporate Office

The vision to create a global chain of network got its first stop outside of Nepal in the UK. We established our International Corporate Office in London, the financial hub of the world to open doors for new clients and bridge the gap in Nepalese Art Industry and foreign market.

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DRAGON investment Awards

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
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